The Erotic Dark (An Erotic Dark Novel)

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The #1 bestselling novel about a woman’s intense journey into submission

Submission is her only escape… and punishment takes many forms. Seeking escape from her criminal past, a desperate woman enslaves herself to a dark trio of men who own an antiquated Louisiana plantation. Known only as Lydia, she becomes controlled by three very different men—malicious Preston, inflexible Kruin, and gentle Gabriel, all of whom introduce her to a world in which the lines between pleasure, pain, and shame are irrevocably blurred.

The plantation becomes both Lydia’s haven and her prison as she surrenders to the desires of her unholy trinity. Lydia’s submission is fraught with tension and hunger, but what happens when the outside world enters her dark, anonymous sanctuary?





"Whoa! What a book! I was really in the mood for Dark Erotica this week and I got that and then some! You all know how much I love books that come with a warning, but this time I have to start my review with a warning. This is Dark Erotica (how fitting is that title?!) It contains dubious consent, enforced submission, and more than that, humiliation… lots of it. HOWEVER, if you love well written dark erotica, hot like the pits of hell and kinky as fuck, then you have to read this!"

- Jessy's Book Club, (Read the full review at the Jessy's Book Club website.)



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